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Job Portals: Sustainability at risk


Authored by :

Punit Doshi
JBIMS Alumni
“What Kurukshetra was to Pandavas, job hunt is to professionals. Job portals playing the role of Lord Krishna; guiding current day Arjun (job seekers) to fight the battle (crack interviews) and win a position on the corporate ladder.” Switching between jobs every few years is a routine for many professionals. Reasons for change can be many; ranging from better roles in an organization to handsome pay packages.


Evolution of job portals brightened the prospects of getting hired for the right job matching ones skills. Job seekers having access to vacancies for the desired role in companies across the globe and employers having direct access to candidate’s profiles proved to be a win-win situation for both job seekers and employers. But if we try and analyse the modus operandi of these job sites to generate revenues, it won’t be surprising to know that major sites focus on employers as they have both capacity to pay and a void in their organization to fill. This is also accompanied by membership fees from job seeking candidates for paid services offered.


Changing times have changed the rules of the game. Our favourite job portals that have helped us get better jobs in the past decade may not be as fruitful in the coming years as we may think. With the upsurge of professional network sites like LinkedIn, Plaxo, Jobster and Xing to name a few, times have come when you are in direct touch not only with the organization, but also with the individual who is responsible for hiring right talent for the role. Your access to view the current vacancies in an organization is being replaced with enquiring with recruitment specialists of companies to know of their current and near future talent requirements.


Professional networking sites also gives one; an option to broadcast and market themselves to the world; enough for one to be noticed. With the level of personal touch involved, where one does not just share her profile and search for jobs, but also develop professional relations and can build a powerful network to last, professional network sites are certain to grab the market share of existing job portals. Forums are made available in network sites for like-minded, like-skilled individuals to share their findings, doubts, challenges, solutions and much more. These forums keep you in constant touch of the individuals from the same line of business; giving you better insights of what is required in the current global scenario. This also increases your chances of getting hired for your aspirational roles if you have proved your metal when opportunities exist.


“You need to jag when they expect a jig” is always a buzzword at Google. Similarly it’s high time for job portals to come out of their ‘job finder only’ mode and need to re-think of their business models to cater to current day and future customers. After all we need to re-invent ourselves constantly to have a long term sustainability.