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What is Industry Watchers?

Industry Watchers is a structured process for keeping a close eye on the industries and reviewing the updates and profitability of the particular industry, at the moment and in the future, to help you keep updated about the industry and position your business accordingly or take decisions in the most advantageous way.

Industry Watchers explains why one industry is very profitable and all the competitors make good money while another industry has much lower profit and many businesses operate on a marginal basis. It also helps  to understand the basics of the industry such as the key terms or jargons that are used in the industry. What are the main important factors that one needs to know when one plans to enter the industry and who the major players in the industry are.


Why is Industry Watchers Important?

There are 3 answers to this
1)      Thinking of starting a new business in a particular industry ? Is this a profitable and a sensible market ?
2)      Are there other competitors and major players in the industry? How do you make sure that you always remain updated about your competitors and have an edge over them?
3)      You already have a business and you are thinking of selling it because it is struggling and have already approached the shut-down point, do you really need to shut down the industry? Are there any future prospects in the industry that you really need to be aware of?

So the Industry Watchers will help you to sniff the profits in the industry and will give you a gut feeling about the profits in the industry and other scenarios, so that you have an edge over your competitors.